Kids Rally

Each year our Pastor reaches out to more than 3,000 children offering two days of an active Kids Rally program packaged with singing, dancing, skits and free tasty Vegetarian lunch. These rallies motivate children to use their talents for glorifying God. An active workers team consisting of Church believers works in accordance with Pastor’s vision, plan and control to achieve the mission. We conduct these rallies at large auditoriums like I.C.F. Arangam, and transport children to the Venue from all parts of Chennai by Vans. We present every child with a valuable gift at the close of the Rally.

Kids Rally Chennai - 2012    

Kids Rally Kerala - 2013


Weekly Kids Cells

Our Pastor has a special burden in reaching out to Kids in the society, those who are unable to come to the Church worship services due to their social conditions. We lead the Kids into a time of Singing, Worship and Learning the Word of God through incidents from the Bible. We give Kids gifts to encourage them in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are able to reach the next Generation through the Kids Cells.

Kids Worship

Kids worship services are truly unique in offering a blend of Worship, Games and Learning the Word of God. Children in the study group of First standard to Tenth standards take keen interest and participate in our Kids Worship. We group the children into individual classes for teaching the Word of God and dedicated teachers are involved in the Ministry. More than 200 children attend the Kids Worship every week.

Moreover our Pastor has plans to improve the present worship facilities with latest public address system, music, LCD monitors etc.


Vacation Bible School (VBS)

The future generation is of paramount significance to the Church, society and the Kingdom of God. Accordingly VBS ministry is a key ministry of our Pastor. Every year we have reached thousands of children and have shown love, care and concern to them by concentrating on their spiritual needs, providing opportunities to discover and showcase their talents for God and introducing them to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

VBS 2012

The goal of our Church this year is to reach out to 1500 children during their annual holidays and introduce them to Jesus and his Gospel. Our Pastor has designed exclusive teaching material this year on moral values for the Children as the need of the hour today is not only to share Bible stories but also values that can build lives and character.